5 Wedding Trends for the 2022 year.

Updated: Mar 22

5 Wedding Trends for the 2022 year:

1. Tropical style

2. Different panels for decoration, not arches as before

3. Baby breath decoration

4. Bridesmaids different bouquets

5. Special decoration for the wedding cake display.

1.Bring tropical paradise to your wedding — use lush greenery accented with bright and colorful flowers for the ceremony arches and aisles. Pineapples, coconuts, palm leaves, we can have a lot of fun with these tropical wedding centerpieces and decorate your wedding cake with tropical blooms, fruits, and leaves to show all the coloring of your big day.

2. Another upcoming design is the geometric panel for the ceremony, not ceremony arches as in previous years. The geometric design is popular because it’s a cleaner, more modern style that can be used with any color palette or theme and goes well with the natural look of organic flowers.

3. This trend includes bold baby’s breath floral clouds and dyed ombre baby’s breath installations and bouquets. It adds an ethereal touch to the centerpieces and the altar decoration. It looks cool solo and combination with other flowers

4.The next step has the bridesmaids different bouquets from one another but with a common theme. Play with gradations of color, giving your maids bouquets of the same flower in related hues.

5.When it comes to cake, floral designs are in. Flowers that form the base of the cake table or create a ring around the cake have become popular. Cake tables are getting a whole lot more attention these days through the medium of custom cake hoops and cake arches.

Stay turn to floral trends with us ❤️

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