My name is Anastasiya and I’m lead designer, CEO at WMF floral & design.

I'm originally from Ukrainian and used to work as an event planner in my home country. This job taught me to pay attention to the details, create unique designs, and communicate with clients.

The USA gifted me with two handsome sons and a new passion-profession. I’m a florist with five years of experience. 

I’ve been learned the professional floral design at European and Russian floral schools and took personal classes from lead USA designers. 

I’m in love with flowers. I’m in love with positive emotions from my clients. I’m in love with the process of creation.

Each client and each couple, for me, is, first of all, something special and unique. That’s why we don’t provide any packages trying to create    personal floral design that will be known for the creativity, breathtaking beauty and organic integrity. I’m always trying to do my best for your special day!